Head to head battles across the globe.
Play or create your own games to earn serious bank.


Battle anyone across the globe and see who’s right.
Rack up cash and prizes based on your knowledge.
Follow your favorite hosts and win big.


Earn a cut from the players matching in your game.
Make the questions tough and balanced to earn the most.
Don’t forget to share. The more that play, the more you get.




App Announcement

App Announcement

App Announcement  Great news...our game is everywhere!  We just launched our game on Apple so now you can download it and check out our freshest games.   iPhone users can also create their own questions and host their friends.   People play,...

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The one thing you need to make it in entertainment

The one thing you need to make it in entertainment

HOME | The one thing you need to make it in entertainment Our awesome podcast guest, Scott Lipps, from www.lipps.la talks about what you really need to make it in the entertainment world.  And, honestly, in any industry and world.  It’s great to...

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Empire Records: The Party Scene on Covid

Empire Records: The Party Scene on Covid

 Empire Records: The Party Scene on CovidWe had the great privilege of having the head of Empire Records on our podcast.  A player, on the players lounge.   Moody Jones manages a ton of the best musicians around from Snoop to Migos.  We talked...

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Our app is on the top of the charts

HOME | Our app is on the top of the chartsOur app is ranked #34 in casual gaming in the USA and #3 in India! We are beyond grateful that people are playing and using our Android app.   There are many new features coming and we know this is just the...

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How do I play?

Find a versus game that you would like to play. Use your knowledge or research statistics to predict who will win. Select your answer by either swiping or clicking on your choice. When the game ends, you’ll get the results of who won, and who lost. It’s that easy!

How long are games?

That depends on the person that created the game. Each game will tell you how long the game runs for and you’ll be notified when it is over so you can see the results. Some games are poll style, which run for a certain amount of time. And others are based around events, where the game is over once the event is over.

Can I really win cash?

Yes. Buy coins to play games with and once you have a nice big stack of coins, cash them out for real money! It’s awesome.

How much can I win?!

That depends on how much you “play”. The more you play – the bigger the win. Keep playing games to earn a fat bankroll and become the GOAT!

What are the games about?

Anything! Music, cars, celebreties, sharks, tigers, peanutbutter, politics… anything! Whatever you’re in to – we’ll have a game for you.

Can I make my own games?

Yep. The world is yours. Make your own games, invite your friends, get paid! The more people that play your games the more you make! So get out there and start creating!