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This week on Instagram

Today, right now, you (YOU) can create and host whatever game you want on Versus and make money from the games you create.  It’s as simple as posting something on IG. But now you get paid for your posts.  

Create and host any game you want on Versus and get paid when people play. 


Think you know what’s going to happen on “The Umbrella Academy”?


Who’s song was more lit: Cardi B’s WAP VS Dababy and Roddy Ricch’s Rockstar?


Think you know which game is fire: COD VS Fortnite?


Which Tiktok dance is better “Say So VS Renegade”?


Think you can predict the weather!?


Want to challenge your friend or the universe on who would win if Tyson fought Ali in their prime?


Finally solve the debate on who would win in a fight Superman VS Hulk or what’s the better breakfast – pancakes VS Waffles?  No contest!


Settle any topic, any debate…once and for all.


Go ahead.  Versus. 


You can win games, cash and fans at VersusGame.


It’s your world and we’re just playing in it.