Empire Records: The Party Scene on Covid

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Empire Records: The Party Scene on Covid

We had the great privilege of having the head of Empire Records on our podcast.  A player, on the players lounge.


Moody Jones manages a ton of the best musicians around from Snoop to Migos.  We talked about the music industry and how that’s changing due to Covid. 


Would you go party at a club today, in the midst of Covid?


What’s next in the party world, after Covid. 

Moody explains that parties now are going back to what they used to be like before social media….FUN.  People are keeping it intimate, which means the quality of the people is better.  People are not sharing as much on social media so they are not waiting and focusing on getting that one amazing shot or video just to post about how much of a good time they are having lol.  They are actually just having a good time by being in the moment.  Ahh the good ol’ days. 

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