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Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals

1) Miami up 1-0 after winning game 1 in OT. Game 2 is tonight.

2) Both teams are so very similar. Youth, talent, emerging stars, team chemistry and belief, great head coaches. Gritty never give up attitude.

3) I think game 1 is exactly what we can expect from the whole series. No surprise if this series goes 7 games and down to the wire in game 7.

4) Jimmy Butler for Miami and Marcus Smart for Boston seem to be the pulse and tough heart of each team.

5) And, will we see any better play the rest of this series than Bam’s block to preserve the game 1 win at the end of OT? Wow! An all time defensive play.

6) Prediction, not going to tell you 🙂

7) Miami is 9-1 now in the playoffs. Boston had a tough 7 game series vs the defending champion Toronto Raptors. So maybe Miami feels a bit fresher and a bit more confident. But again, 2 young teams with the non travel comfort of the bubble, so I doubt either team worries about getting tired.

Miami in 7, if I was playing Versusgame and picking which team would win and advance 🙂

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets in Western Conference Finals

1) Game 1 is Friday night. Lakers have had 6 days rest after easily dispatching the always fraudulent Rockets and Trailblazers

2) Denver’s story has been amazing, historic. First team in history to come back from 3-1 deficits in 2 playoff series in the same season. So they are 6-0 in elimination games this playoffs, including 3 straight over the heavily favored Clippers to get to these West Conf Finals.

3) Very different teams, making for a great matchup. Lakers are older, veteran, pieced together, have Lebron and Anthony Davis, are supposed to be here as the #1 seed and most talked about team. They built this team quickly, for the sole purpose of winning another title.

4) Denver is young, homegrown (draft and development), wasn’t supposed to be here so quickly. Nokic is the best center in the NBA already, and Murray is a fast rising star who seems to have the scoring talent and energy to become a superstar moving forward. He’s got TMAC scoring skills (may get a fun reaction saying this)

5) Anthony Davis vs Nokic will be a fun matchup. Both centers are so skilled, both down low and around the 3 point line. Fun!

6) Lebron is the master at surveying each game as it unfolds, and focusing his energy where needed to give his team best chance to win. Scoring, passing, tempo, defense, etc. He’s always fun to watch, such a maestro at running his team.

7) Again, no travel or disruption in the bubble, so both teams will have full energy even tho Denver has played 2 straight 7 games series while Lakers have been resting. Denver is young, Lakers being older no doubt enjoyed these 6 days off.

8) Versusgame style, gotta pick the Lakers to win this series. My gut says in 6 games, but after what we’ve seen, would it be that much of a shock if Denver did it again and played giant killers.

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